Can the Zone Diet (40-30-30) improve performance for elite USCF type racing?   There are always "the newest and the latest diets" popping up clainming great achievements. We prefer to stick with something standard for elite athletes--high carbohydrates, low fat and modest protein. The athletes we coach do not have performance related issues arising from their diet. They all follow pretty normal, elite athlete diet that is supported by numerous sport science research studies that suggest a high carbohydrate, low fat diet is good for endurance athletes.

  What can you share with us about nutrition? Specifically, what vitamin supplements or other proprietary supplements can be taken?   We maintain a normal diet for an elite athlete, that includes large amounts of carbohydrates, protein and lesser amounts of fats. Vitamin supplements include a multi-vitamin, extra vitamin C an amino acids. We drink a standard fluid replacement mixture during the training along with eating energy bars. Post-rides drinks include a high carbo/protein drink.

  What percentage of body fat should an Elite Female cyclist be at to be competitve at National Level?   Generally, the women's average body fat for the National Cycling Team is 12-13%, which is withing the normal range for elite female endurance athletes (10-18%). Low body fat is important to road racing performance but we can not give you a specific percentage you should race at. This is very individual to each athlete. A rule of thumb, should be that you fall in the normal range for elite endurance female athletes you are going the right direction.