Speed and Technique is the perfect video complement to the original Cyclerobx. this intense 55 minute workout builds cardiovascular fitness and develops pedaling techniques. you'll learn how to expend less energy while riding faster and farther. Onscreen graphics indicate specified gear ratios and heart rate targets and let you work alongside the pro athletes and coaches in the video.

Train with top US triathletes, mountain bike, and road racers Greg Welch (winner 1994 Ironman Triathlon) Joe Parkin (Team Diamondback) Wendy Ingraham (winner 1995 Ironman Australia Triathlon) Karen Smyers (5-time Winner of US National Triathlon Championship) Ron Kiefel (Team Saturn) Laurie Brandt (Team Ross/Jeep) Michael Engleman ( Team Shaklee) Tyler Hamilton (Team Montgomery Bell) Peter Webber (Team Gary Fischer) Scott Moninger (Team Chevrolet/LA Sherriffs) Alec Rukoseuv (Proffessional Triathlete)