What are some things I can do to improve my sprint besides sprinting for the city limit signs?   Sprinting is a skill that must be constantly practiced in order to gain increased speed, power, and tactical awareness. I break sprinting down into four elements:

1. Physiological--This is your ability to generate large amounts of anaerobic power. I suggest six weeks of specific anaerobic sprints that are performed indoors on your trainer. This way you are in a controlled environment and can concentrate on your shear anaerobic out power of power during a 15 second effort.

2. Coordination--High speed coordination is very important. Your bike simply handles differently at 35-45 mph than at 18-20 mph, where 90% of your training is performed. Try downhill or tail wind sprints at high speeds--reaction time is reduced at high speeds, and coordination and bike handling are very critical.

3. Biomechanics--The biomechanics of sprinting is very different from normal riding. Remember, sprinting is a violent action on the bike and your sprinting technique doesn't have to be efficient but effective. Try using your arms to leverage more power out of your bicycle.

4. Tactical maneuvers--These skills must be maintained and practiced repeatedly. Try group sprints during training rides. The tactical maneuvers during group sprints are the same ones you will use during a race. Stay sharp!!