Terrible Tuesday Sprints

Warm up for 30-40 minutes working in progressively harder gears. Form and easy spin go to your 53x17 and ride at time trial pace (windup) 20, then sprint for 10. Rise out of the saddle for the first part and settle in as the leg speed builds. Allow about 2 minutes of easy spinning between each set. Your heart rate should be down before the next set starts. Hold back a little on the first set, and your last one very, very, hard. Allow 20 minutes of spinning to cool down, you'll need it. Early in the winter do 5 sets with a 20 second windup and a 10 second sprint and 2 minute recovery. As spring gets nearer increase the number of sets to 10. Increase the windup time and length of sprints. (20-10, 25-15,....) until 40 seconds wind up and 30 seconds sprint is done on the last few sprints.

Sit-down Crazy

This workout is for leg speed as well as all out but short efforts. To be done with little or no resistance. 15-20 minute warm-up 30 second sprint (sit down please, unless you're crazy) followed by 30 second recovery 5 minute recuperation 1 minute sprint followed by 1 minute recovery. Repeat 4 more times. 15 minute cool down A very short workout, but great for spinning and your heart rate goes way up during sprints.