Mystery Workout

Do this once a week with your trainer, front-wheel-up "climbing position". Warm Up: 30 min, Watts @ >50% of LT Power Climbing Intervals: 2-3x10 min @ 70-75% of LT Power, cadence 60-65 5 min @ 50% of LT Power, cadence 85 10 min @ 80-85% of LT Power, cadence 85-90 10 min @ 50% LT Power recoveries, cadence 80-85 Cool Down: 20 min @> 50% LT Power I like this session because it works low rpm strength and higher rpm climbing suppleness. Also, I sometimes do my high rpm (120+) training in front-wheel-up "climbing position" as well--it seems to help develop the ability to recruit fibers quickly to accelerate in the saddle while climbing, while also helping teach economy and coordination in that position.

A Workout for the Visually Under-Stimulated

Level: Beginner to Expert Since some of us are visually stimulated and feel the need to watch TV while riding the trainer, this workout must be done while watching your favorite 1 hour (or 2 half hour) shows. Here's the plan. While your show is on, warm-up at about 60% at a good cadence and low gear. During each commercial, however, you shift it into the big ring and gradually build into a pyramid interval by increasing resistance by 1 gear every commercial (every 30 seconds) until you red line it at the end of the commercial break (usually a 3 minute total interval). Then spin it out for the next 10 minutes or so and repeat. And just think, each commercial break, you burn off all the calories that someone else consumed during a trip to the kitchen?