Locomotive Leg Speed Intervals

Level: Beginner to elite
Pedal cadence should be greater than 120 rpm during the intervals, in low or light gears (42x17,18) to keep the resistance low. Heart rate should be in zone 2-3 during the intervals. Warm-up 30 minutes; 5-3 minute intervals in HR zone 2-3;5 minutes recovery in HR zone 1-2 between intervals. Cool down 30 minutes.

Quad-schwiping Interval Hell

Level: Intermediate
High Resistance Intervals are designed to provide high workloads--kind of like a weight workout on your bike. This workout will help build power on the bike. The front wheel of your bicycle should be raised 4-6 inches to stimulate the muscle groups used while climbing. Cadence should be kept low, 50-55 rpm, during the intervals, in high gears (53x12-14 depending on your strength) in heart rate zones 2 and 3. Recovery in zone 1, light gears at 85 rpm. Warm-up 30 minutes; 3-10 minute intervals HR zone 2 and 3; 10 minutes recovery HR zone 1 between intervals.