Commemorative Butt-Burner Interval

Level: Advanced
Anaerobic threshold is where the going gets tough for most cyclists--this is where the muscles really start to burn. It is also the area where you can make the greatest gains in performance, and is perfect for high-end sports like swimming, triathlon and bull-fighting. These Anaerobic Threshold Intervals should be done in a moderate gear (53x17-14) at a cadence of 85-90 rpm. Recovery in zone 1-2, light gears at 75 rpm. Caution: this is an advanced workout; you should have developed a good aerobic base before trying this workout.

Warm-up 30 minutes in zone 2; 4-10 minute intervals HR zone 4; 10 minutes recovery HR zone 1-2 between intervals

These are serious workouts designed for recreational and elite cyclists alike. These trainer workouts can be used for a change of routine, or incorporated into a periodization plan (a training plan that breaks long term training goals into specific, achievable segments). Right now, most athletes will be in the aerobic foundation stage; the first two workouts are best used during this period. Stay tuned to this site for more in-depth information on periodization training and training in general.

***Not to sound like your Mom...but check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program. Severe dizziness or loss of vision is a sign you're probably going to hard. Remember, winter is not the time to overtrain.